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Do you want to know what makes Buff Wand the UNICORN (if we do say so ourselves) of all nail tools? Well, here are 3 very good reasons why we love our nails NAKED thanks to this cute, little pink stick!


1. Better for your health

Did you know that nail polish, shellac and acrylic nail builders contain tens of toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health? Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde are common ingredients which have been linked to reproductive, endocrine, developmental and neurotoxicity issues, as well as asthma, skin irritation, immune disorders and cancer!

2. Better for your nails

Did you know you're meant to toss out your regular nail file after 3 months? Regular nail files cannot be properly cleaned or sanitised, so they collect a buildup of bacteria which can cause nail infections, weakness and breakage! BUFF WAND can be cleaned simply by washing with soap and water and sanitised if needed.

Regular nail files also leave the edges of your nails open and vulnerable to infection and fungus-causing bacteria. BUFF WAND uses nano-glass technology to seal the edges of your nails, preventing bacteria from entering and keeping them stronger and healthier!

3. Better for the planet

Think about how many nail files get thrown out each year, especially if they are being disposed of every 3 months or sooner like they should be! And being made of plastic or metal, they take years to break down. 

Thankfully, not only is BUFF WAND seriously cute, it's eco-friendly and sustainable! Made of tempered glass, this little wand can be reused countless times and will last you years with good care.

Because Buff Wand is multi-functional, it replaces your emery board, cuticle-pusher, nail buffer and clear polish, meaning less waste again!

As you can see, this little, pink stick is not to be underestimated! Here's to perfectly polished, healthier, stronger, natural nails!

Get buff with us! xx