Buff Wand - Glass Nail Perfecting Wand (Single Pack)
Buff Wand - Glass Nail Perfecting Wand (Single Pack)
Buff Wand - Glass Nail Perfecting Wand (Single Pack)

Buff Wand - Glass Nail Perfecting Wand (Single Pack)

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All-in-one glass nail file and shiner

(Comes with protective hardcase)

Have you ever wanted longer, stronger, healthier, shinier nails? Well, all your nail wishes have just come true, thanks to this magic little wand!

Buff Wand is your all-in-one tool that files, shapes, pushes cuticles, buffs and polishes your natural nails to a smooooth, glassy shine that lasts up to 3 weeks! 

It's time to F the fake and embrace the beauty of your natural nails! Farewell toxic chemicals in nail polish, shellac and acrylics - all you need is this pretty pink stick:

  • Better for your nails - Traditional emery boards and metal files damage the surface and edges of your nails, opening them up to bacteria and making them weak. Buff Wand's nano-glass technology seals the nail surface and edges as it files and buffs, which help to prevent chipping and strengthens your nails.
  • Eco-friendly & sustainable - glass lasts longer than traditional emery boards which are made of plastic and sandpaper and wear down quickly, and metal nail files which can corrode and rust. Traditional files also take years to decompose and cannot be recycled.
  • Reusable - simply wash clean with soap and water and your Buff Wand is good as new!

See you in the buff!

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
joanne cabban
Buff wand

Very good leaves nails nice and shiny

Jessica Millard
Super Shine!

The Buff Wand is easy to use and beautifully effective. My natural nails look better than ever, would absolutely recommend it over any other nail file that I’ve tried before.


I love how shiny my nails look after using my Buff Wand.
Highly recommended

Cheryl Brennick
Buff Wand

Very different from the files I am used to so takes some getting used to. Great results.

Wendy C.
Best Nail File Ever

This is an awesome nail file. It actually files nails down really fast, which means i no longer have to cut and file - but can now just file. Great time saver for me! Still experimenting with the buffing side, but overall i give it five stars! Recommended.