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Bundle Moisturising Jelly Mittens & Socks

Bundle Moisturising Jelly Mittens & Socks

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Jelly Mitten and Sock Bundle!

Say goodbye to dry, cracked, scaly skin, and hello to soft, supple hands and feet in 20 minutes!

Our Moisturising Jelly Mittens and Socks are lined with medical-grade thermoplastic gel that has been infused with jojoba oil, olive oil, vitamin E and fragrant rose oil. These moisturising ingredients are released upon 20-40 minutes of wear to leave your hands and feet feeling nourished and softer than a baby's bum!

They are hypo-allergenic, washable and reusable.

(One size fits all)


Hypo-allergenic, medical-grade lining.

Washable - handwash in cool water and dry in shade.

Reusable - moisturising ingredients last 30-60 wears. Mittens/Socks can continue to be worn with your own moisturiser to boost moisturisation.


Jojoba oil, olive oil, vitamin E and rose oil.

How to use

Slip onto hands/feet after washing. Rest and relax for 20-40 minutes while the moisturising ingredients soften and hydrate, revealing smooth, supple skin!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tayler Catherine Kent
Great for filing and shining nails

I’ve used mine a few times now and it’s fantastic. It leaves the edges of the nail smooth and your whole nail shiny, and doesn’t appear to be as damaging as traditional files. It takes a couple of goes to get the hang of it and to not catch it on your skin, but it’s easy to use once you get used to it!

Wow !!!

Love this bundle of joy for my hands & feet

Heather Tormey
Jelly mittens & socks

These are great and highly recommended. I would definitely purchase these again